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Daily Covid-19 Minute: Indoor Masks

According to Dr. Fauci, it's a real possibility that we could soon be saying goodbye to wearing masks altogether. Earlier this month, the CDC updated their guidelines for fully vaccinated Americans, saying you don't have to wear a mask for most outdoor activities and it is low-risk to engage in certain indoor activities – like going to the mall, movie theater, and grocery store – so long as you were wearing your mask.

Dr. Fauci agrees it is time to start relaxing some of those indoor mask requirements because cases are on the decline. In fact, they are down over 13% since last week. We are back to last September's levels. Also, the vaccine rollout is progressing by the day.  About 60% of adults have had at least one shot of the covid vaccine, which gives you some protection. And we could have kids as young as 12 start receiving the shot this week. All signs that we're closer than ever to getting back to normal.

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