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Crafting culinary culture for your new year

Community Connect: Hobbies in the New Year
Community Connect: Hobbies in the New Year 00:37

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (CW50) - Infusing the flavors of the Philippines, Isla's chef, and co-owner, JP Garcia joined Community Connect to show us how to spice it up! "This is just a quick and easy stir-fry dish," explained Garcia as he showed Germani how to prepare Pancit Bihon. "This [dish] is so versatile," says Garcia, and you can add any toppings in terms of meat on top of the noodle that can leave the possibilities endless!  


"It's mostly prep," which takes the most time when preparing this dish. Garcia explains, that you need to make sure your vegetables are uniformly cut and in most Asian cuisine, prep is always the step that takes the longest. 


The flavors of the Philippines are a melting pot according to Garcia because there are so many Spanish and Asian influences on the culture due to colonization. Some places in the area call themselves fusion but the food of the Philippines is already a fusion. Due to this, the food at Isla has a large variety of choices for everyone's taste buds.    


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