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Court Keeps Man On Sex Offender List But Says 'Troubling'

MOUNT CLEMENS (AP) — The Michigan appeals court says the Legislature should take another look at the state's sex offender registry.

A three-judge panel says some people are being added to the list even when their crimes aren't sexual. The court says the result is "ambiguity" and possible misperceptions by the public.

The court's remarks came Friday in the Macomb County case of Vincent Bosca. He was convicted of unlawful imprisonment for capturing teenagers who had broken into his home in 2011 in search of marijuana. The boys said they were beaten and held against their will.

Bosca's conviction puts him on the sex offender registry, although there was no sex crime. The appeals court calls it "troubling" and suggests lawmakers consider a separate list for non-sexual offenses against children.

Bosca's name stays on the registry.


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