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Coronavirus In Michigan: Local Woman Beats COVID-19

MICHIGAN (CBS DETROIT) - As of Wednesday afternoon there's over 9,300 cases and 337 deaths statewide. With southeast Michigan being a hot bed for COVID-19, the death toll in the state is rising everyday, but so is the survival rate.

"I beat COVID-19 and I'm going home," said Chilah Harper who got her walking papers Tuesday.

"I parked right over there, but I can walk," she said.

She's grateful to be able to walk out of Beaumont Royal Oak Hospital, where she spent the last 10 days.

"I felt like, I was, like someone was cutting off my air, my chest was very tight, I felt like I was just gasping for air," she said.

Harper says that's when she knew it was time to take action.

"I decided to drive myself there and I felt myself tanking all the way there," she said.

That was March 22. Prior to that Harper says she experienced paralyzing body aches, and fevers of 103 degrees for about a week.

After arriving at the ER, she was admitted immediately and staff started critical care. She said the days following this were a complete nightmare.

"On top of me battling the pneumonia, the sepsis, I still was battling symptoms from the (COVID-19)," said Harper.

She said she started coming to terms, that she was not leaving the hospital alive.

"I had rationed everything in my head because, you know, I knew people were dying, and I didn't see any other avenue for me," said Harper.

But there was another avenue for her and it's called life.

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