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Conan O'Brien's Wild Ride With Ice Cube And Kevin Hart

Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, And Conan Share A Lyft Car | CONAN on TBS by Team Coco on YouTube

By: Sara

Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Conan O'Brien spent a very special day together. They decided to test out a new ride sharing app called Lyft. The drivers on the app offer to pick up people who are close by and drive them for a fee that ends up being about 30% less than the cost of a cab ride. When a young guy named Anthony rolled up to Conan and his two friends (in a car with a pink mustache), he had NO idea what he was in for. Cube, Kevin, and Conan were on a find weed!

It was a day full of lessons. Conan learned the proper way to say and drink a 40 oz beer...he learned that he can't beat box...and he learned how to keep the cops from busting you when you're ridin' dirty.

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