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Compuware Performance Management Rates It's Uneven

DETROIT (WWJ) -- Detroit-based Compuware Corp. (Nasdaq: CPWR), which provides application performance management technology to a wide variety of businesses, said Thursday that it will provide daily analysis of the site to determine if improvements being made throughout November are having a positive impact on performance.

View the analysis at this link. 

Jeffrey Zients, President Obama's appointee to fix the problems that have plagued the site since its launch Oct. 1, has said that initial performance problems -- frozen pages, error messages and bugs that prevent the software from performing as intended -- will be working smoothly for the vast majority of users by Nov. 30.

Compuware APM's free AJAX Edition tool and production real user and synthetic monitoring service are being used to run the analysis, providing visibility into what consumers are experiencing across the country.

"A website or digital presence is the government's front door to consumers today, which is why it's essential to manage the performance of a web application as a cornerstone to any major online initiative," said Blair Drenner, vice president of solution strategy for Compuware's APM business unit. "The performance issues experienced could have been avoided, saving significant time and money as well as a negative hit to the group's reputation ... performance matters. E-government application leaders around the world should take notice, and be sure this situation does not happen to them."

Compuware has developed best practices guides, customer success stories and expert advice around optimizing performance in a free program called "The Compuware APM Rush Program." 

Compuware APM optimizes and monitors tens of thousands of applications for more than 5,000 customers, large and small, around the globe.

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