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Community Fed Up With Crime In Detroit

(CBS DETROIT) - Blood shed on the streets of Detroit is becoming too much to bare.

Just two days ago over 30 people were victims of gun violence in a 24 hour period where seven lost their lives.

"In Detroit we're getting 30 or more shot, stabbed. Some die, some don't. In a day. In a weekend so add up the numbers," said Minister Malik Shabazz of the Marcus Garvey Movement.

Sunday night's quadruple shooting at A Eagle's Coney Island was filmed and shared on social media for the world to see leaving a dreadful image in the minds of the masses.

"What's the end result to all this murder? We didn't lose four lives at the coney island we lost five because the young man who committed the crime, we lost him too. 25-years-old. We need him to be a lawyer, doctor or judge, community leader," said Carnell Alexander of Detroit.

But, gun violence in Detroit is unfortunately a revolving issue.

"Four people in Coney Island. Disaster, and that was just that night. It goes on almost every other night. If not twice a week, three times a week. Sometimes four, five times a week. We get this same shooting," said Alexander.

And as many people are trying to wrap their minds around the recent fatal shootings, others are still working to find the person responsible for Nathaniel Townsend's death.

Back in may the 4-year-old was shot and killed while playing in his home. A case that remains unsolved.

"This baby here got murdered. He was playing. It was late at night. He woke up, you know sometimes you wake up and he started playing and he got killed. Why?" said Shabazz. 

Members of the Marcus Garvey Movement are holding a protest against gun violence in front of the home where 4-year-old Nathaniel Townsend was killed.

It's happening this Sunday at 4 p.m. at 18611 Birwood on the city's west side.

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