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Community Builds New Home For Michigan Woman Who Lost Home In Historic Flood

(CNN) – A Michigan woman who lost her home in a flood now has a new one, thanks to the generosity of her community.

Penny Tyler was stunned while touring her new house in Sanford.

Tyler has been living in a camper on her property since may.

Her old house was flooded, then condemned and demolished back in July.

So a local attorney brought the community together to get a new one built for her.

"I just feel like, I just wait, I was watching this house go up and all I could think is it's going to be just so cozy. I just cant wait to go in there and be able to sit down and relax for a minute," said Tyler.

Great Lakes Home in Freeland built Tyler's home for free.

The Islamic Center of Midland and the Midland Interfaith Friends then stepped in to furnish and decorate it.

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