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Colorado Makes Fictional Depth Chart For Michigan Game [PHOTO]

By: Evan Jankens

It's no secret that Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh doesn't like to give out any information to the opposing teams before it's strictly essential.

Harbaugh didn't even name his starting QB for the season to the public until Wilton Speight took his first snap.

Michigan faces Colorado on Saturday and their SID Dave Plati came up with a funny way to display their depth chart for the game. On the top of the depth chart it reads, "Since this week's opponent, Michigan, does not issue a depth chart, our coaches felt we should refrain from making one public this as well. So in the interim, we had a little fun..."

The chart is full of fictional characters at each position.

Starting at QB for the Buffaloes is the 5'2" Elmer Fudd, who no doubt will be tough to tackle. The late Manute Bol who stood 7'7" is a backup WR. I think that will difficult to defend against the jump ball situation.

Other interesting players on the fictional Colorado roster are Bernie Sanders at free safety, Bill Walton at roamer dude, Stewie and Peter Griffin at weak safety. My personal favorite has to be punter Happy Gilmore or punt returner Lloyd Christmas.

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