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Coach's Eye 2.0 Brings Instant Video Analysis to iPad

OKEMOS -- The world's greatest coaches and athletes all have one thing in common: they use technology to improve their performance.

Last November, TechSmith turned the industry upside down with the launch of Coach's Eye, a $4.99 iPhone app offering athletes the same video technology available to the pros, but at a fraction of the cost. Coach's Eye continues to change the game with the release of version 2.0, now a universal app available for any device running iOS 5.x, so instant video analysis is optimized on the iPad.

Consistently listed among the top five paid sports apps for the iPhone, Coach's Eye is being used by coaches and athletes every 9.1 seconds. Coach's Eye 2.0 touts an array of new features and capabilities to help coaches, trainers and athletes in every sport and at every level do their jobs better and get the most out of their hard work and effort. The intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows time-crunched coaches and athletes to easily film, analyze, edit and share feedback anywhere and with anyone, on a device they likely already own.

Former Major League Baseball player Doug Bernier says t Coach's Eye has been a very important tool for his everyday baseball preparation.

"During my career as a pro player, I've had access to the best, high tech computer programs that cost thousands of dollars," said Bernier. "Coach's Eye does many of the same things as these expensive programs, and it's only $4.99. In my opinion, Coach's Eye is a must-have app for any serious baseball player that wants to improve their game by watching video."

"The major advantage Coach's Eye provides is the ability to have real-time feedback and analysis," said Brooks Andrus, Coach's Eye product champion at TechSmith. "Immediately after a play, a coach can show an athlete, or entire team, a video and analyze the action through frame-by-frame playback, slow motion and drawing features. They can also share the video analysis with other athletes and coaches at the touch of a button. We believe every coach and athlete will benefit from this approach because video feedback and analysis has been shown to be one of the best ways to help athletes continuously improve."

New Features in Coach's Eye 2.0:
* iPad support: Coach's Eye 2.0 is now compatible with all versions of the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, allowing coaches to provide real-time video analysis on multiple screens and devices to single athletes or teams.
* Quick access to videos: Finding videos shouldn't take a lot of time. Coach's Eye now provides search and filters to sort videos based on name, type of video, or if it's marked as a favorite. Coaches will now automatically get visual identifiers for quick scanning.
* Add more video details: Keep videos in order by creating names based on athlete, event, activity or anything else that comes to mind. Coaches and athletes can also identify any favorite videos that they have, while users can see where the video came from and where it has been shared.
* Video encoding on demand: Recording footage and reviewing it with athletes on the spot is critical, but technology should not interrupt the flow of a practice or workout. Now, encoding an analysis video takes place on user demand, not automatically.
* Anytime access: Coach's Eye 2.0 is introducing free TechSmith accounts to provide online access to videos. Any video shared through Coach's Eye will now be added to a timeline in the cloud. Viewers will also be able to enable a timeline to keep track of videos they've received and viewed.

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