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Clinic Has Steady Stream Of Customers Getting Flu Shots In January

MACOMB COUNTY (WWJ) - With the state health department reporting several deaths and nearly 200 hospitalizations due to the flu ... local clinics are seeing more traffic through their doors this January for flu shots.

Samantha Smeadley got the shot, along with her two-year old daughter Isabella and her great-grandmother, at the Macomb County Health Clinic in Warren. Smeadley says reports of people in their 20s dying from the flu are frightening.

"I was kind of scared, only because, the fact that, it's really young, 23, and I couldn't even imagine ... one day waking up and being sick and then the next day gone. It's crazy to even think about," said Smeadley.

Smedley says she last got a shot four years ago, but never came back because she felt it made her sick.

She says, with a young daughter, this year, she feels she has no choice.

Samantha's grandmother, Judy Schulte, 59, helps out with her grandchildren and was at the clinic to get her flu shot.

"I had one probably 10 years ago, and honestly, it made me sick and I haven't had one since then, but they are saying that the strain is really bad this year, it's affected at lot of people and there have been a few deaths,"

She says she can't afford to get sick."If the kids get sick - they go to bed they can take care of their selves and they can lay around and holler out, 'I don't feel good,' but if grandma gets sick, she's still got to fix bottles and change diapers," said Schulte.

"I'm fine," she said of the shot. "No stinging, anything. She done a good job."

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