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Client Wins From January 25

Q Ltd. Creates New Corporate Identity, Web Site For Financial Adviser: The Ann Arbor design firm Q Ltd. said Wednesday it had developed a new corporate identity and Web site for Retirement Income Solutions, an independent financial advisory firm based in Ann Arbor. After more than 30 successful years in business, the Retirement Income Solutions leadership team chose to undergo a significant rebranding effort. Through the rebranding process, Q Ltd. designers and Web site developers acquired insight on the Web site user experience that guided the development of the new Web site architecture, content strategy, and final design. Q Ltd.'s expertise includes corporate identity design, logos, Web site design and development, strategic brand positioning, advertising, naming, environmental design, information architecture, and social media design and production. Q Ltd. is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and also has an office in San Francisco, Calif. On international projects, Q LTD collaborates with its partner agency in Europe, Q GmbH (Germany). More at

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