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City, Community Leaders Call Weekend Violence In Detroit 'Unacceptable'

(CBS DETROIT) - There were more than two dozen shootings that left seven people dead across Detroit over the weekend.

It was a violent few days that also included a mass shooting on the city's west side.

It happened on Coyle near Plymouth early Sunday morning. Eight people were shot, two of them were killed.

The suspect is in custody.

Detroit Police said it all happened over parking during a birthday party that took place across the street from the suspect's house.

"Our Detroit families our in pain, neighbors near the gunfire is shaken and lives our forever changed," said James White, Detroit Chief of Police.

Neighbors said they believe the alleged shooter suffered from a mental illness

Police also confirmed officers visited the suspect's home over disputes in the past.

"I told everybody that would listen to me, that he was going to snap," said Gale, who lives in the area. "I told people he was going to hurt somebody or kill somebody."

Gale lives next door to the suspect. She said the victims were friends of the family.

"I'm still trying to process it. I'm still processing it," she said.

Her feelings are the emotions of many families in Detroit who continue to experience gun violence.

Ceasefire Detroit's Quincy Smith says it's unacceptable. He's calling on everyone in the city to standup and help put an end to the violence.

"There is no more time for sitting on the sidelines," Smith said.

In response to violent crime, Chief White said all felony weapons arrests will now be under review by the U.S Attorney's Office. He said the charges can carry up to 10 years in prison.

Police are also still investigating several shootings over the weekend. If you have any information that help in the investigations, give them a call.

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