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3-Year-Old Detroit Boy Fatally Shot By 11-Year-Old Playing With Gun

DETROIT (WWJ) - Detroit police say a 3-year-old boy was fatally shot in a tragic accident Monday on the city's east side.

It happened at around 1:40 p.m. outside a home in the 6000-block of Eastwood Street near Kelly Road as the boy and an 11-year-old boy were playing with a gun, according to police.

Commanding Officer Constance Slappey with Detroit Police Homicide said the boys were running around the yard with the weapon before they entered a parked car. At that time, she said, the older boy accidentally shot the toddler in the face.

The boy was rushed by EMS to St. John Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

"And pretty much after that everything is just an investigation right now to make sure that information as to what happened is accurate," Slappey said.

Slappey said police are interviewing family and neighbors.

Exactly who was supposed to be watching the boys remains unclear.

"Were there other persons here at the location at the time it happened? Yes," Slappey said. "But who was all present at the time the incident occurred, we're not sure yet."

Police aren't saying who owned the weapon, which has been recovered, and how the boys got a hold of it. There have been no arrests.

The boy's name has not yet been released.

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