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Charges Dismissed, Again, Against Detroit Standoff Mom

DETROIT (WWJ) - A Wayne County Judge has dismissed charges against a Detroit mother who fired a warning shot back in 2011 when police busted into her home and tried to take custody of her child.

Maryanne Godboldo had refused to medicate her then 13-year old daughter with a psychotropic drug, prompting Child Welfare Services to send police to remove the child from the home.

Police surrounded the house and arrested Godboldo after a 12-hour standoff.

On Friday, Judge Gregory Bill affirmed an earlier decision — made by 36th District Court Judge Ronald Giles in March — to drop all charges.  The charges were previously dismissed in August 2011 by Giles, whose decision was upheld by the circuit court. The state appeals court ordered the charges reinstated in May 2013 after prosecutors appealed.

Godboldo was arrested in March, 2011 on discharging a weapon, felonious assault and other charges.

"I'm elated, once again, although it doesn't show," Godboldo told reporters at the courthouse Friday. "I'm very blessed, it's been a blessing; and (I commend) Judge Bill, who is steadfast to upholding his oath to uphold the law."

Godboldo added that it's been tough to listen to her daughter's problems discussed court.

"You know, it's hard to hear...when the judge listed the things that was wrong with my daughter, it's hard to listen to; it's a reminder," she said. "So, it's hard, but I'm thankful."

The Godboldo case received national attention as supporters rallied behind her, saying they were focused on protecting parental rights. Supporters argued Child Protective Services overstepped their boundaries by trying to force their view on the family as to what kind of medication the girl should be given.

Goldbodo is suing Wayne County and others alleging she and her child have been subjected to gross injustice. She

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