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Cedar Point Raises Gate Ticket Price To $72

(WWJ)  It'll cost you a bit more to enjoy a day at America's Roller Coast this summer.

When Cedar Point opens for its 149th season on Saturday, May 5, 2018, a single day adult ticket purchased at the gate will cost $72, which is a $5 hike over last year's price.

For those who know they'll be going, buying your tickets online ahead of time will save you some cash. A pre-season "Everyone Pays Kids' Price" promotion offers $45 admission for adults; that's $27 off the front gate price.

There is also a pre-season sale on two-day admission for $70, season passes for $216, Cedar Point and Kings Island combo tickets and other deals. [Check them out here]. (The kids and seniors price remains at $45).

While $72 may seem like a lot to some, it's still a deal compared to Disney's Magic Kingdom, where a regular adult ticket will now set you back $119, or $129.93 during peak visitation times.

Boasting a whopping 71 rides, including 18 popular roller coasters, the amusement park draws a few million thrill-seekers Sanducky, Ohio each year, many of them from Michigan where a visit to CP is a summer tradition.

In 2018, Cedar Point will introduce Steel Vengeance – "the first and only 205-foot-tall hyper-hybrid roller coaster on Earth" –  built on the foundation of the polarizing and now defunct Mean Streak. Other changes announced for this season including new shops, restaurants and games in and around the Steel Vengeance in Frontiertown, and the return of Chick-fil-A to the park.

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