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Canton Township, Chevron Energy Solutions Partner On Energy Savings

CANTON -- Canton Township is currently collaborating with Chevron Energy Solutions on an energy efficiency project, which will decrease utility costs by reducing electricity, gas and water usage, reducing Canton Township's utility costs more than $5.7 million over the next 15 years.

The project, approved by the Canton Board of Trustees earlier this year, will upgrade heating and cooling systems, as well as replace mechanical systems, water and lighting fixtures, in addition to system controls. Through energy efficiency improvements, township government will reduce its purchase of electricity and natural gas and, in turn, reduce carbon emissions.

"These improvements and installation of new energy-efficient equipment will all be paid for by the resulting savings in utility and operational costs over the next 15 years with energy savings that are guaranteed by Chevron Energy Solutions," said township maintenance manager Brad Sharp. "No township operating funds will be used to pay for any of these improvements."

In addition to the energy savings, additional improvements will replace aging mechanical systems, not only reducing utility use but also helping replace aging equipment without capital expenditures. These energy conservation measures showcase just some of the forward-thinking strategies Canton Township has implemented to streamline operating expenses in order to better serve the growing needs of its residents.

Chevron Energy Solutions will design and engineer the project, and will install, monitor and guarantee energy conservation performance measures. The company will also implement efficiency improvements designed to provide better lighting quality and aesthetics, while decreasing maintenance costs. Projects will include: replacement of lighting fixtures; plumbing upgrades and improvements; installation of new mechanical units and controls; and installation of new high-efficiency boilers.

Although many of the system improvements will take place behind the scenes and will not be visible to the general public, two projects will be more noticeable to Canton residents.
These highly visible projects include:
* Replacement of Canton Administration's promotional message board sign with a high-efficiency LED sign
*  Replacement of Heritage Park's ten-year-old splash playground by next summer with low-water-use water features, which will re-circulate domestic water compared to the current water flow-through system.

For more information on this and other energy savings projects, please contact Canton Leisure Services Maintenance Division at (734) 394-5310, email or visit

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