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Canadian Border Officials Arrest Man Who Is Allegedly 30 Posing As High School Basketball Player

By: Evan Jankens

How many times have you sat around with friends and said "if I knew what I know now back in high school things would have been different?" I know I have plenty of times.

It's the plot of fan favorite movie "Old School," but that situation also just happened in real life in Windsor, Canada.

Jonathon Nicola, who is from Africa, spent the last six months playing basketball at Catholic Central High School. Now he has been arrested.

Nicola, who is six-foot-nine and 200 pounds was at school as a 17-year-old on the basketball team. His coach Pete Cusumano has previously told the Windsor Star that he had a chance to go to the NBA -- you know, someday, when he was an adult.

There is only one problem, the Windsor Star says he is allegedly 30 years old.

According to the Windsor Star:

The Canada Border Services Agency said Wednesday officers arrested Nicola for allegedly contravening the Immigration Refugee Protection Act. He is being detained under the authority of that act. The agency didn't elaborate on what Nicola, who is in Canada on a student visa, is accused of doing.

"There's really not a whole lot to say," said spokesman Stephen Fields. "Because of the fact this is a matter that's still outstanding before the federal authorities, obviously we can't really comment on it. Beyond that there's not a whole lot to say."

There so many questions to be asked with this story, how did not anyone notice? Did he have a high school girlfriend?

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