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Caldwell, Quin Comment On Racist Fan At Ford Field

By: Will Burchfield

It's frustrating, Glover Quin agreed, that this conversation won't wilt.

"Yeah, it is, and it will still be around in 2087. They'll probably still be having it," said Quin. "It's a fact of life.

At the Lions' season-opener on Sunday, a fan posted a Snapchat video of two African-American fans sitting during the national anthem and included the caption, "Ignorant n******." The same fan later posted a photo of the scene on Facebook and wrote, "You wanna sit down for the national anthem? You don't like (our) country (then) get the f*** outtt."

The fan has since forfeited his season tickets and the Lions have banned him from all future events at Ford Field, per the Detroit News.

Said Quin, "I didn't see it, so I don't know exactly what was said, what wasn't said. But any type of racism, there's no place for it. People should be able to do what they want to do. If they want to stand up, sit down, people have their choice, their freedom. But no type of racism, in my opinion, should be tolerated."

Jim Caldwell, who's been coaching in the NFL since 2001, said he's never heard a racial epithet emanate from the crowd.

"I've been in ballgames a long time and our focus has been on the field and those kinds of things. But I'm assuming you may be referring to the fan that was in our stadium that made a disparaging remark about two of the other fans," Caldwell said. "We do have a fan-behavior standard, and I think without question that our organization followed up, found out who the individual was and obviously he no longer has season tickets in our stadium.

"I think it was handled appropriately, and I think those things happen sometimes."

Caldwell said he would not reach out to the two fans who were affected, but team president Rod Wood plans to do so, per the Detroit News.

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