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Break For Filers: Tax Deadline Moves To April 18 This Year

DETROIT (WWJ) - The tax deadline is April 15 or is it?

It seems to be a little known fact this year, but the April 15 tax filing deadline is not in play this year due to a holiday in the nation's capital.

The change is a result of the Washington, D.C. Emancipation Day holiday being celebrated on April 15 this year instead of the traditional April 16.

But some tax preparers are not so enthusiastic about the extension.

"Taxpayers don't need another reason to procrastinate and we don't want to give them one," Vince Mattina, Jr., CPA, managing partner of MKG said. "For our purposes, we are treating the tax deadline as the traditional April 15 deadline and have told our clients that since tax season began. I actually think they are relieved. No one wants to extend tax season longer than necessary!"

Does the fact that April 18 is a Monday and April 15 is a Friday figure into it? Mattina is mum on the question, but notes that other CPA firms are taking the same approach.

"In conversations with other CPAs throughout Michigan, all those I've spoken with are holding to an April 15 deadline as well," says Mattina.

He says if you still haven't filed here are a few tips to keep in mind:

"The closer you get to midnight, the filing deadline, the systems do bog down, notes Mattina. "Based on that volume - you just hope for the best that your internet provider stays on-line and that you can go ahead and get those transmitted."

He stressed that at 12:01 a.m. April 19 a filed return will be considered late. And associated penalties will occur. "The IRS system will turnoff receipt of an electronic files come that midnight deadline."

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