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Bottoms Up! Website Ranks "10 Drunkest Cities In Michigan"

DETROIT (WWJ) - Which cities are the booziest, most drunken places in the state?

List-making website has complied a list of what they consider to be the "10 Drunkest Cities in Michigan."

The website ranked 102 cities based on certain criteria, including number of bars and pubs per capita, number of wineries per capita, and number of liquor stores per capita. It also threw in social factors like each city's drunk related tweets within the last week and each city's divorce rate, "Cause, you know, drinking is one reason for divorce, and something that divorced people do a lot of," the article states.

The Drunkest Cities in Michigan

  1. Traverse City
  2. Mount Clemens
  3. Ferndale
  4. Muskegon
  5. Benton Harbor
  6. Kalamazoo
  7. Escanaba
  8. Flint
  9. Grand Haven
  10. Bay City

Move over cherries, drunk is the new sheriff in town. The website says Traverse City has the most bars per capita, the most liquor stores per capita, and the fourth highest divorce rate in the state.

Representing the metro Detroit area, Mount Clemens -- which ranks seventh in the state for bars per capita, and eighth for liquor stores -- came in a close second followed by Ferndale -- which is packed full of bars, restaurants, dance clubs and liquor stores.

"Don't freak out," the list's author warns, saying it's just an opinion based on facts and is meant as "infotainment."

Sobering up a bit, the website also took a look at the least drunk cities in Michigan.

The Soberest Cities in Michigan

  1. Forest Hills
  2. East Grand Rapids
  3. Jenison
  4. Haslett
  5. Allendale
  6. Northview
  7. Kentwood
  8. Norton Shores
  9. Sterling Heights
  10. Wyoming

To see the complete 102 city list, click here.

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