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Border Patrol Agent Saves Man Trying To Jump Off Belle Isle Bridge

DETROIT (WWJ) - A Border Patrol agent is being credited with rescuing a man who attempted to jump into the icy Detroit River.

The agent, along with a Michigan State Park Ranger, were patrolling during Monday's heavy snow, according to authorities, when they stopped on the McArthur Bridge — more commonly known as the Belle Isle Bridge —  to see if a couple needed help. They noticed the husband was standing silent and not speaking, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol said, in a media release.

Suddenly, he pushed his wife to the side and attempted to climb the railing to jump into the water. That's when the Border Patrol agent "without hesitation" sprang into action and grabbed onto the man, who CBP officials say continued trying to break free.

The agent pulled the man to safety and called for backup. No one was injured.

CBP officials say Detroit police arrived on the scene, the man was handcuffed and transported Detroit Receiving Hospital for evaluation and help.

"The courage of the men and women of the law enforcement profession was evident in every aspect of protecting our community Monday," said Chief Patrol Agent Douglas Harrison, in statement. "The keen eye of the off duty Park Ranger noticing something out of place and quick response by the Border Patrol made for the best possible outcome in this situation."

The names of those involved were not released.

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