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BOA Donating Houses To Detroit Police Incentive Program

DETROIT (WWJ) - Detroit's Project-14 is getting a boost.

Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan, Wednesday announced that ten homes owned by the bank in Detroit will be rehabbed and donated to the city.

The gift will aid the city's effort to entice Detroit police officers who now live outside the Motor City to re-locate within city limits.

Moynihan tells WWJ the bank also plans to offer more help for others buying homes and those who aalready own homes in Detroit.

"To help with mortgage assistance, which is an area of modifications and trying to get people through the very difficult issues of home ownership, we're announcing two permanent customer service centers; permanent in the context of face-to-face customer assistance centers in the city of Detroit,"  Moynihan said.

"It's gonna make it easier for our Detroit-area customers to get face-to-face with somebody and figure out what we can do for them," he said.
Bank of America is also planning to demolish 100 vacant, abandoned properties in Detroit.

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