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Bike Travel Up Amid High Gas Prices

Metro-Detroiters are getting into gear by riding bikes and walking.

"Especially in the daytime the people coming back and forth to work, getting on their bikes, I see a lot more," Gary Salwin said, while riding his bike in Ferndale.

And the price of gas may be one big reason.

AAA Michigan says the current average is $4.55 a gallon .

So some folks are ditching their cars and putting their limbs to work.

"I like to save a few dollars and tool around the neighborhood, get myself outside and enjoy the outdoors," Salwin said.

Erwin Schielke says it's more costs effective to run errands on his bike.

"I go grocery shopping with it and pick up a little odds and ends that I need around the house," Schielke said.

"Oh, I think it saves me quite a bit. I'd say 25% because that's how much I ride my bike now."

Ryan Rosenberg and Ian Kobernick say they find it easier to walk .

"Especially in the summer too because it's so much nicer out," Rosenberg explained.

"You're not forced to get into your car to make like a trip to you know the coffee shop or the bars."

"This street especially is constantly packed with people always walking," Kobernick said.

"Always riding their bikes and we're lucky that it's set up that way. Not all streets have the bike paths and the accessibility for that."

As foot and bike traffic increases, the Michigan Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Action Team wants to remind drivers to take caution.

Most car-bike accidents happen  during morning and afternoon rush hours.


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