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Big Sean Talks Detroit Sports; Confirms Song With Eminem

By: Mike Sullivan

The Motor City exports three things to the world: autos, world-class athletics and musical superstars, and I had the chance to spend time Wednesday with a Detroiter at the intersection of two of those things: rapper Big Sean.

The 2006 graduate of Cass Tech High School, who has achieved worldwide success as a part of Kanye West's GOOD Music label, is a huge Detroit sports fan and rumored soon-to-be collaborator of Eminem's (more on that later.)

Before I could even get my first question in, Sean started talking about how much he loves all four Detroit sports teams. I followed up by asking him about this past Tigers season. He said, "It was a little devastating, but they put their hearts into this season, and those guys are great, they're champions."

I brought up the fact that both David Price and Miguel Cabrera use his music to walk out to. Big Sean was well aware, but hasn't had the chance to talk to them about it yet, "I haven't gotten the chance to talk to them, but I see it, and I appreciate it, it's reppin the D hard."

He also confirmed that his new album will be coming out before the end of this year or early next year, and is expecting that a few more "walk up" songs will come from it.

When asked which of the four Detroit teams is his favorite, he admitted that he follows the Tigers and Lions most closely, but thoroughly roots for all four.

I also felt obliged to ask him a question about music that I know many of his fans, and Detroit fans in particular, want to know:

Will there be a collaboration with Eminem anytime soon?

Big Sean immediately said, "Yes, you can expect a little something-something sooner or later."

How does he feel about Eminem? In an interview with Huffington Post last year, after the rappers reportedly spent time together in the studio, Big Sean said: "That was just an honor," he said. "Coming from the D ... that was the person that showed us that it was real, that showed us you could be the biggest in the world from where we from."

A collaboration between both superstar Detroit rappers is something that is highly anticipated, and a project that would certainly do very, very well.

As for me, it's great to see that Big Sean doesn't forget where he came from, and continues to rep Detroit whenever he can even after achieving international fame, immense riches, and extraordinary success.

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