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Big Implication

Three weeks ago Jim Caldwell and the Detroit lions were dead man walking, and heading for more changes. After firing the General Manager and Team President it only seem fitting that Caldwell was next. But now the Lions are on a three game winning streak and have an opportunity to sweep the Packers for the first time since 1991. Here are four important things that must happen in their upcoming game this Thursday against the Packers.

Rush Aaron Rodgers

I know as Lion's fans we hate Aaron Rodgers, but he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Rodgers can be very effective, when he keeps plays alive with his feet. The Lions must contain Rodgers, continue to blitz and keep him in the pocket all night.

Balance offensive attack

The Lions have to find ways to open up the running game and keep the defense honest. Having a good running game will expose the Packer's defense which is currently ranked 23rd in rushing defense total.


Last week Calvin Johnson caught three touchdown passes on eight receptions and ninety-three yards against the Eagles. The Lions are a much better team when they give the best receiver in all of football the ball.

Matthew Stafford

It seems like new Offensive Coordinator, Jim Bob Cooter is coaching to his quarterback strength, which is to let Stafford sling the ball all across the field. Cooter understands that you can't handcuff the one area where Stafford is talented and expect the Lions to win. The lions are playing well because Cooter trusts his quarterback to make the right decision, without handicapping his abilities to excel.

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