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Big Brother Season 18 Episode 26 Recap: Zingbot For President

By Mark Drum
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Zingbot 9000 has made an official announcement; he's put his name in the Presidential Race. But first, the tables have turned on Paulie and Corey as Victor has nominated both for eviction. Remember that Victor was actually evicted on week two by Paulie and now having fought his way back into the game; Victor has already won two HOHs. With his second HOH win he's taking a shot at the guy who got him evicted. Here's my recap of last night's episode.

An Executive Meeting

After the nomination ceremony it was clear the target for this week was Paulie. Paulie knew when being nominated that he was the target but was upset that Corey was nominated with him. The five-person alliance of all guys "The Executives," had a meeting and it was clear the alliance was split. Meanwhile the three ladies finally realized there was an all guys alliance and they were picking off the girls. Now that "The Executives," is kaput, the girls were at least safe for this week.

Zings before POV

Making his return this season, Zingbot 9000 brought the "zings" to the houseguests. But before Zingbot 9000 made his "zings" to the houseguests, Paul realizing Paulie doesn't do well in competitions when he's rattled decided to rile Paulie along with James, Natalie and Michelle. Paulie took it in stride and said that he'd use the attacks as motivation to win the POV. When Zingbot 9000 made his "zings" to the houseguests, our Michigander and Big Brother Super Fan Michelle was ready to get her zings. For Nicole and James this was familiar territory as they've been zinged before during their previous season. The best zing was for Paul as Zingbot 9000 said what I've wanted to say to Paul and that was for him to "be quiet," but using less kind words that I did. After the zings it was time for the POV competition.

ZingBot 9000 Gets Votes

During the POV competition the houseguests had to secure votes for Zingbot 9000 in his quest for the Presidential Race. Each houseguest had to catapult their beanbag on to board that had different states with various votes. After each round the houseguest with the lowest score would be eliminated, any votes that were secured during the round would be out of play and for the losing houseguest they'd get a prize. Playing in the POV competition along with Victor, Corey and Paul were Paul, Nicole and James. The 6th place prize was the POV and Paul was the first to be eliminated. After each round each houseguests eliminated then was awarded a punishment or reward. Our Michigander Nicole was in 5th place and was given a vacation reward anywhere in the US. Corey being in 4th has to wear a unitard that was patriotic for a week and Paul was given from another houseguest the Secret Service punishment, where anytime there was a "red alert" he would have to pat down all the houseguests, go to five check points around the Big Brother house and make sure it was safe for Zingbot 9000. In the final round it was Victor and James left to see who would win the competition. Victor won the POV for the week, taking the prize from Paulie and giving him the Apple Pie punishment meaning that Paulie has to make apple pies when he hears a "Oh say can you Zing," for the rest of the game. Unfortunately for Paulie it looks like his game may be ending soon as Victor decided not to use the POV on either of his nominations and quoting Paulie when Victor was on the block week two, "he can forgive, but not forget."

Prediction for Eviction & HOH

Looks like the older Calafiore brother has a lot of work to do if he wants to stay in the Big Brother house. I predict however by an unanimous vote Paulie will be sent to Jury, where he'll be welcomed with open arms, especially from Da'Vonne knowing his game is finished. This is the final week of the twist of the Big Brother Airline tickets, so who ever gets evicted tonight may have it and could see themselves back in the game. But if not I hope we'll get to see who actually did. Plus I predict tonight we'll get to see the jury house and see how Da'Vonne, Zakiyah and Bridgette are doing. As for HOH for the upcoming week I predict Natalie will get her first HOH victory. Tune in tonight at 9pm on CBS Detroit to see whether Paulie or Corey will be evicted from the Big Brother house or possibly hold the "round trip ticket."

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.

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