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'Big Brother' 14 Finale Episode Breakdown: Ian Quacks To 500K

Quack, quack, quack! The vote was a landslide and brings me back to season three where the vote was also 6-1. Mr. Ian Terry, the 21 year old engineering student and super fan of the show won the coveted title of big brother against our Michigander Dan Gheesling. "Happy, I'm happy," is what Sue Gheesling said about her son's outcome in the game. Which in the end Dan Gheesling is still a winner and will still be talked about for his gameplay even if he didn't win. Time to breakdown Ian Terry's win and tonight's finale episode!

Battle For The Final HOH

Does anyone remember the HOH that Dan first won his season? It was eerily similar to the first endurance competition for the Final HOH. I was even more surprised that Danielle & Ian threw the first competition. From the past two endurance events Ian and Danielle held their own -- so it was kind of surprising how easily they were persuaded by Dan to throw the competition. Dan's fans in Dearborn were cheering proudly that Dan won the first competition. I had the wonderful opportunity to go to a viewing party hosted by Dan's mom & sister at the Fall Sports Lounge in Dearborn. The place was packed with Team Dan fans, wearing "karate kid" bandanas and watching Dan try to repeat a win! There's a little surprise waiting for Dan when he gets back to Michigan from some of his fans (myself included) who were at the event. I digress ...

The second round was interesting. I really thought Danielle had that competition for sure. However it was Ian's strategy that won him the round and by a significant amount. The staged fight was a bit much for me. I don't think Ian bought it, and if he did, then he was a bit of a fool. I would have thought there would have been scheming from both Ian and Danielle to possibly bring each other to the final two, but it seems like Dan had "Mistified" both of them enough to take himself there.

It was a nail biter for the final round -- Dan vs Ian for the final HOH. This was another déjà vu moment for me when Ian and Dan had to guess what the jury members would say in a statement. I was really thinking Ian was going to choke and Dan would be the clear winner. However, I was completely wrong, and it was Ian who won by a clear majority. The final eviction wasn't surprising and taking Dan to the final two.

Bitter Jury

"Shut up Shane," could be heard at the viewing party when Shane was spoke of being backstabbed by Dan. It was a bit redundant and I wasn't really feeling sorry for him. The best statement was from Britney in that there isn't a manual for how to play "Big Brother." But it also doesn't mean you have to play "fair and honest," as they mentioned all of the jury members had backstabbed and lied at some point in the game. More some than others, but it's in fact a game and who said "Big Brother" was "fair and honest?"

I was surprised their questions weren't as bold or challenging to either Ian or Dan. Both of them felt prepared to answer those questions the jury had. Except for Danielle's which her "shocked" expression makes me laugh every time. It could be its own meme. I wouldn't be surprised if it is already. I really enjoyed seeing the six first houseguests eliminated, minus Willie, come back. Janelle, Wil and Boogie all commended Dan's gameplay. Even though Boogie wanted to see Ian win, Janelle had the best campaign for Dan to win and Dearborn was cheering.

Dan and Ian's speeches were poignant. Ian had a bit of cockiness in his speech but he also kept himself classy at the same time. While Dan's speech was schmoozing, campaigning and "mistifying" the jury -- I found it funny that Ian was making side remarks. Dan made some facial expressions during Ian's. You could cut the tension between Dan and Ian with a knife. It couldn't have written itself better. It was a battle of super fans.

How Ian Won

Did I mention bitter jury? I'm repeating myself like Shane did about being backstabbed. Also you could see how ticked Danielle was. My prediction was right that Ian would win if he had went against Dan, but I was wrong about how everyone voted. The jury didn't vote for Ian because he was a "newbie" but because he played an "honest & fair," game as opposed to Dan's "backstabbing & morally wrong" game play. Frank's issue with swearing on the bible was just like how Jerry (from Dan's first season) accused Dan of using religion. When discussing how the vote would go with some fans it was clear that they would vote with their emotions as opposed to their head. Dan's demise was not getting the jury to see his side of how he played the game. All the jury saw was a cutthroat backstabbing coach waiting to attack his next victim. While they saw Ian as the lovable guy who played the game honest and won competitions. Which ironically has been played out before but Dan's role has reversed. You could say Dan this time around was "Memphis," his best friend and runner-up his season, while Ian was Dan.

During Dan's season he won competitions and fought his way to the end, while Memphis kind of coasted by and was protected by his alliance. When the jury voted for Dan they did so because he played the game but also thought steps in advance. However that strategy wasn't bought by this jury, they wanted to vote for the guy who played a "good clean" game that wasn't about backstabbing so much but more about how they further themselves. Which if you think about it is a hypocritical way of thinking. Ian did backstab. He was even called a "snitch," and Ian himself thought he was a "bad guy." But even Dr. Will Kirby (season 2 winner) had predicted way early on that Ian Terry would win this and gosh darn it he did. Ian is deserving of the title but it would have been really nice to have seen Dan win again.

Why Dan Is Still A Winner

At the end of the day, the season will definitely be remembered as how Dan fought his way to the finale only to lose to a student of the game. Kind of similar to Dan, who was also a student of the show and was a super fan. Even though he didn't get the repeat he still won a season and getting close a second time is an amazing feat. A much better feat than Janelle who came third twice then fourth evicted this season. What makes Dan still a winner is his personality. It's one that is infectious and one well liked by the audience. There are some fans of the show that don't like Dan but they somehow seem to talk about him and it's a love/hate. Also they renewed next season of "Big Brother" a lot quicker than in years past. Another fan at the party said the ratings were up this season and with good reason. The casting was great and bringing back likable former houseguests was a good call. The could have left Boogie off, but that's just my opinion. Dan's love for the game was seen by the viewers and his great branding of himself while in the house has definitely kept him in conversations about this season. Also, I'd like to think with the help of his wife Chelsea watching the show, she was Dan's #1 fan and supporter outside of the house being able to communicate to Dan's fans as well as share information Dan had left for her for the fans. As I said at the beginning, Dan is still a winner. He added $50,000 to his total of $500,000 he had won his first season. Not bad for a Catholic school teacher from Michigan.

Thank You

This is sadly my last breakdown however I couldn't have continued this season without the support of the readers! Thank you for coming and reading my episode breakdowns. Hopefully in the near future you'll see me on the show. A BIG THANK YOU to CBS 62 for this amazing opportunity. Even though I've stopped blogging about "Big Brother," you can continue to read my journeys on my personal blog. Also, you can find me on Facebook and Twitter. If you're in the Michigan area and want to talk about Big Brother or another reality TV show I'd be more than happy to discuss with you! Looking forward to next summer. I've already started work on my audition video and who knows, maybe you'll even see me in the "Big Brother" house next year!

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He auditioned for Big Brother 13 and 14. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He's a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets around Detroit like as an extra in Disney's Oz the Great and Powerful. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email 

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