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Beware Of This Elaborate Scam In Oakland County

OAKLAND COUNTY — Authorities are warning residents of suspicious calls that reportedly come from county officials but are actually scams. The number appears to be coming from the Oakland County Sheriff's Office, similar to what is used a the Pontiac substation, according to police.

The automated voicemail greeting identifies the number as an Oakland County Sheriff's Office phone number with law enforcement related prompts, police said. The names provided to the suspect are also similar to current Sheriff's Office personnel, a former Michigan Department of Corrections Parole Agent, and a current Federal Agent.

The most recent victim of the crime includes a 60-year-old registered sex offender in Rochester Hills who was told via the fraudulent phone call that he needed to post a bond of $1,000 using Google Play cards or be arrested. The man was prepared to pay, but consulted a nearby neighbor who is also a law enforcement official, who told him it seemed suspicious.

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