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Best Scallops In Detroit

Scallops are found all over the world. In fact, these animals can grow up to nine inches in size. They have recognizable shells because the shells are fan-shaped with ribs, they can swim, they have eyes, and they are bivalves. When eating a scallop, you're actually eating the adductor muscle. The muscle is round and fleshy and tends to be white in color. If you haven't tried a scallop, live a little; they're delicious.
Sinbad's Restaurant & Marina
100 St. Clair St.
Detroit, MI 48214
(313) 822-8000

Sinbad's Restaurant & Marina pride themselves on customer satisfaction. It's because of their loyal customers they have been a successful business for over sixty-seven years. They contribute much of their success to fresh quality seafood, homemade clam chowder, and great burgers. Everyone is welcome. Check out their special events and socialize with the boaters. While here, order the Seafood Platter- which includes scallops- or try the Natural Uncooked Sea Scallops. Both dishes are delicious.

The Peterboro
420 Peterboro St.
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 833-1111

The Peterboro is brought to you by the Detroit Optimist Society. This means it's a classy, tasty, enjoyable restaurant for many. Located in Detroit's Historic Chinatown, stop in to enjoy a beer and/or a cocktail. The drinks are good and the food is delicious. The master chef is Brion Wong. Try his Scallop Crudo appetizer. Other dishes that include scallop are Crab Rangoon, Vegetable Fried Rice, Cantonese Steamed Whitefish, and Mongolian Hanger Steak.

Wright & Co
1500 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 962-7711

Wright & Co. is the place to sit and relax. With bright light, a beautiful atmosphere, and food and drink to satisfy anyone, eat- drink- and- be- merry at Wright & Co. Other than Sunday brunch, this is a first-come-first-serve restaurant. Dave Kwiatkowski is the owner and creator of The Sugar House- which is internationally recognized for their cocktail bar. Marc Djozlija is an executive chef- who was nominated for the James Beard award for "Best Chef" in 2015. The food is delicious. Try one of the following dishes: Sauteed Sea Scallops, the Sirloin Steak has Scallion in it, and the Fresh Potato Chips has scallion on it.

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Granite City Food & Brewery
GM Renaissance Center
100 Renaissance Center, Suite 1101
Detroit, MI 48243
(313) 309-9120

Granite City Food & Brewery has a beautiful view of the city. The beer is delicious and the food quality. Come one, come all; this is a casual, more relaxed restaurant. There is an on-site brewery, an open kitchen, handcrafted cuisines, and signature entrees. Order the Jumbo Sea Scallops for pure bliss. This dish is served on a creamy wild mushroom, asparagus risotto, and balsamic beurre blanc.

MotorCity Casino Hotel
2901 Grand River Ave.
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 237-6732

Iridescence is rated a four diamond dining and five star view. Enjoy the beautiful scenery at the top of the city. Check out the spa, the casino, the live music, and the dining. Make a reservation or stop in. Their seafood is delicious as well as their steaks. Pair your dinner with a nice glass of wine- as they have an award-winning wine list. As for scallops, order the Scallopscargo; this dish includes seared sea scallops, havarti cheese, garlic butter, and crostini seventeen. It's an appetizer to enjoy.

Angelina Italian Bistro
1565 Broadway St.
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 962-1355

Angelina Italian Bistro follows the traditions of Italy- with a modern twist. Everything is inspired by handcrafted cooking while utilizing the genius of Sicilian grandmothers. There is a pleasant view of downtown Detroit, and the restaurant has floor to ceiling windows that seat over 100 tables. The fish is fresh, and all items are prepared daily. Order the Seared Sea Scallops for a taste of bliss. Also order a glass of wine to compliment your dinner and this will be a perfect evening getaway.

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