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Best Sangria In Detroit

Red sangria at The Ninth Door in LoDo on Thursday, June 3, 2010. Cyrus McCrimmon, The Denver Post
(Credit Cyrus McCrimmon/Getty Images)

Summer on a Spanish veranda, that is what will come to mind when you sit back and enjoy a good glass of sangria; that blend of wine, brandy and other flavors combined with fresh fruit. Whether you are looking for a light pink or white sangria or a deeper red, you will find what you crave at one of the many Mexican and Cuban restaurants in Detroit.

Vicente's Cuban Cuisine
1250 Library St.
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 962-8800

When it comes fine dining, Cuban food and sangria, Vincente's is the place to go. Chef Roberto Caceres takes great pride in the creation of this traditionally Spanish drink by using a recipe that he says is simple, yet produces a taste that will take you back to the origins of this refreshing beverage. Using the finest wines, brandy and other ingredients, it is blended, as Chef Roberto says tradition dictates, with oranges and apples to give it a clean, fresh taste. There are two versions of this liquid wonder, red and white. And the Cuban cuisine is the absolute best around.

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Mi Pueblo Taqueria
7278 Dix Road
Detroit, MI 48209
(313) 841-3315

Detroit is blessed with a very diverse ethnic makeup, and when it comes to finding sangria, the Mexican community and the restaurants it operates makes finding this drink easy. At Mi Pueblo, you will find a variety of Mexican foods which will do the job of tingling your taste buds and bringing on the thirst. The sangria at Mi Pueblo brings together a selection of fresh fruit chunks infused with the flavors of fine red wine and fresh fruit juices. It is the perfect way to wash down the flavors of the traditional Mexican cuisine offered at this long-established restaurant.

Mexican Village Restaurant
2600 N. Bagley Ave.
Detroit, MI 48216
(313) 237-0333

No search for sangria would be complete without a trip to Mexican Town just off of I–75 in Detroit. One of the most popular restaurants to try is Mexican Village, where you will find a complete menu and, of course, sangria. When you order a glass or picture, you will be treated to a red wine infused with other flavors and served over wedges of lemon, lime and orange. It is a clean, bright taste to complement any meal.

El Barzón Restaurante
3710 Junction Road
Detroit, MI 48210
(313) 894-2070

There are very few places where you can enjoy Mexican and Italian fine dining at the same time and have a great glass of sangria, but at El Barzon, you can do just this. Along with a menu full of delights from each culinary style, you will find a beautiful blend of wine and other flavors along with fruits that refresh and bring out the full flavor of any of the foods you try. The sangria here comes in your choice of red, white or pink to pair with your meal. Reservations are recommended for weekends.

3409 Bagley Ave.
Detroit, MI 48216
(313) 843-0179

Xochimilco is a beloved restaurant in the heart of Mexican Town. It may not be large when it comes to seating, and in fact, it does not even have an official website, but it offers what many consider the best Mexican food in the city and a sangria that is true to its roots. If you need proof, just consider that an admirer of the restaurant set up a fan page on Facebook and it has nearly 12,000 likes. Many people love Xochimilco and every one of them that has tried the sangria says it is one of the best around. A blend of wine, fruit and other flavors, it will take you from having a single sip to sitting back and enjoying a full glass.

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Award winning freelance writer and photographer Lawrence DiVizio is based in Southeast Michigan and works to convey in words and images the world around us. His work can be found at

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