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Best Restaurants With Breakfast Casseroles In Metro Detroit

The long, cold winter is beginning to take shape, and the days are about to get even frostier once the snow begins to fall. The time is just about right to begin thinking of comfort food. Start the day with a delicious breakfast casserole. What better way to welcome the chilly weather with a warm breakfast, right out of the oven? The best part - it's prepared for you if you visit any of the Detroit-area eateries listed below.
Sweet Lorraine's Cafe & Bar
17100 N. Laurel Park Drive
Livonia, MI 48152
(734) 953-7480

The space at Sweet Lorraine's Cafe & Bar stands out as eclectic and whimsical, with a touch of class. It is the perfect settling during breakfast time with family or a group of your best friends. The menu is filled with expertly prepared comfort foods that will melt in your mouth and quickly disappear from the plate. Go with the "Copper Harbor Frittata" for a winning dish. It's a breakfast casserole layered with eggs, red bell peppers and spinach, finished off with lox and brie. Order a latte to accompany breakfast and you'll be all set to start the rest of the day with a smile.

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236 S. Main St.
Clawson, MI 48017
(248) 280-2552

Frittata has exactly what you'd expect from a place called "Frittata," a collection of amazing casseroles where each one sounds better than the next. The menu offerings taste anything but ordinary. There's a wild mushroom frittata, chicken frittata and even a shrimp frittata if you're into seafood in the early morning. Any of these breakfast casseroles would be a stellar choice. Tempted to "design-your-own" breakfast? Go for it - create your own breakfast casserole using the seemingly endless list of ingredients available. Frittata starts with eggs and you choose the rest.

Grand Bakery and Cafe
32821 Grand River Ave.
Farmington, MI 48336
(248) 471-9594

Grand Bakery and Cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in a charming cafe setting. Stop in for an early morning treat of cappuccino and enjoy a casual breakfast while making plans for the day ahead. On the top of the list is the "Breakfast Baked Casserole Omelet," a delightful dish made to order. Be sure to stop by the bakery on the way out. It's stacked with cookies, cakes, muffins, pies and basically anything you can think of that could possibly disappear before you even make it home.

Cafe Muse
418 S. Washington Ave.
Royal Oak, MI 48067
(248) 544-4749

To enjoy a breakfast with a bit of a gourmet twist, definitely head over to Cafe Muse. Just about anything you order will be perfection, but do try the "Quiche of the Week" for an unparalleled treat. The ingredients shift from week to week, but the basis of this breakfast casserole always remains intact. Golden and delicious, light and fluffy, even the fussiest of foodies will relish the unique mix of specialty ingredients found in this entree. And do you know what pairs perfectly with this layered dish? One of Cafe Muse's seasonal sangrias.

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Original Pancake House
33703 S. Woodward Ave.
Birmingham, MI 48009
(248) 642-5775

The Original Pancake House serves a specialty casserole that's just about as big as your head. The dish is called a "Dutch Baby" and is filled with your choice of sweet or savory ingredients. This treat is made with eggs, flour, sugar and milk, then baked in the oven to perfection. The golden breakfast casserole is presented at the table, ready for you to dig into. And here's wishing you the best of luck finishing the entire thing before lunchtime!

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