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Best Resources For Homeschool Families In Detroit

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Parents decide to homeschool their children for a variety of reasons, from philosophical beliefs to safety concerns. Homeschooling can be challenging at times, and homeschooled families may feel isolated within their community. To overcome this isolation, a number of co-ops and groups have developed specifically to address the needs of homeschoolers.

Heritage Home Educators
830 S. Lafayette St.
South Lyon, MI 48178
(248) 446-8700

The Heritage co-op brings together homeschooling families for support, inspiration and exchange of skills and ideas. Classes are held on Thursdays during two 14-week semesters each year and courses cover a wide range of topics for nursery through high school students. The oldest child in the family must be at least in first grade, although child care and programs are available for younger siblings. The Heritage program gives priority to families with homeschooled high school students, an age when many kids leave homeschooling to attend school. Parents must stay on site the entire time their kids are on the premises, helping out at least part of the time and teaching classes based on their knowledge and experience. Heritage is a Christian co-op, but membership is open to families of all faiths.

Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters
9641 Harper Ave.
Detroit, MI 48213
(313) 967-7832

Most homeschool programs start at traditional school ages, either kindergarten or first grade. The HIPPY program is geared toward younger students, those aged three to five years, empowering parents to be their child's first educator. The program runs for 30 weeks and is based primarily on bi-weekly visits to the home, instructing parents in using the HIPPY materials and lessons. Bi-weekly group meetings allow parents to network and support other HIPPY participants, and give the kids a chance for socialization and interaction. With a curriculum based on exposure to skills that will help a child become school ready, the HIPPY program can benefit both kids that will be homeschooled and those that will attend school.

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Homeschool ACADEMY
36125 Glenwood Road
Wayne, MI 48184

ACADEMY was founded in 1997, when a group of four homeschooling families got together to teach German and music to their children. As the number of families grew and parents began teaching other lessons based on their own knowledge, the idea of a homeschooling co-op came to fruition. Today ACADEMY families meet weekly for a full day of education, collaboration and socialization. Parents must remain on site and are required to assist with four of the five daily classes. While members of all faiths are welcome, ACADEMY is a Christian organization and parents and students are required to attend chapel weekly regardless of their religion. Field trips and social activities outside of the class day are organized throughout the year.

Homeschool Athletic League
18272 Gaylord St.
Redford, MI 48240
(248) 219-6720

One concern parents may have when considering homeschooling is the lack of organized physical and social activities compared to what is offered in schools. The Homeschool Athletic League eliminates that concern, providing a wide range of sports and fitness classes for children ages five and up. Kids are sure to find an activity they'll enjoy. Offerings include bowling, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, ballet, dodgeball and traditional sports like baseball, basketball, football and golf. Participating in sports not only gives kids exposure to physical fitness, it also teaches them teamwork, sportsmanship and how to develop relationships with others.

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Palaestra, Inc.
34500 6 Mile Road
Livonia, MI 48170

Palaestra offers homeschooled kids the opportunity to take a variety of classes that might not otherwise be available to them. In addition to various art, dance, theater and music classes, Palaestra also offers courses in uncommon subjects such as Latin, weaving, chess and kickboxing. Classes are divided by age group and parents must remain on the premises with all children under 16. Like most homeschooling groups, Palaestra is a Christian-based organization, though non-Christian students and families are not excluded.

Jennifer Walker is a freelance writer living in Detroit. She earned her Bachelor's degree in animal science from Michigan State University. Her work can be found at

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