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Best Movie Theater Deals In Detroit

Is arriving early to a movie a big deal? These days many theaters have assigned seating. Grab the seats of choice, purchase snack food and drinks, get comfy in reclining chairs, enjoy previews and let the show begin. What's important in a movie setting? Having a nice looking theater, clean and safe environment, good food, a great screen and sound, and pleasant viewers in the same room. Where can someone find all these qualities at a theater? Keep reading.
Emagine Theatres Woodhaven
21720 Allen Road
Woodhaven, MI 48183
(734) 561-1060

Emagine Theatres Woodhaven is the theater to visit. This is a smaller theater that creates a warm environment with its own magical charm. The prices are reasonable for the concession stand as well. At the concession stand, refills are free on all sizes. The environment is clean. The staff is friendly. There are films showing that you want to see, and even the EMAX theater is an experience in itself. Alcoholic beverages are allowed- so watch a movie and sip on a glass of wine. And the best part, the staff listens. If there i a complaint to be made or a compliment to be heard the staff listens and modifies accordingly.

The Redford Theater
17360 Lahser Road
Detroit, MI 48219
(313) 537-2560

If history is a passion for you then it's important to come to a movie at The Redford Theater. This theater has been open since 1928. To date, there have been many renovations. The details on the wall are incredible. The chairs are comfortable to sit in. The organ is impressive and beautiful. The prices, when coming to a movie, are great; you won't break the bank for a movie. All the movies played are older, classic films. Here you'll find classics such as The Wizard Of Oz and Pretty In Pink for only $5. So the charm to this theater is the history, the price, and the classic films that last a lifetime.

Bel Air Luxury Cinema
10100 E. 8 Mile Road
Detroit, MI 48234
(313) 438-3494

The Bel Air Luxury Cinema has an owner who cares about his theater. Renovations have recently been made making this theater better than ever. There are new comfortable seats. Screens are bigger - even allowing to watch movies in 3D. The staff is helpful, and the food is fresh, the movie tickets are reasonably priced and this theater is secure. When coming to a theater, it's nice to know you will be safe. The security guards have a watchful eye keeping you safe from any sort of problem while you enjoy a cinematic experience.

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Allen Park Digital Cinemas
6601 Allen Road
Allen Park, MI 48101
(313) 381-1125

Allen Park Digital Cinemas is a place to come if you aren't looking to see the new film releases. Because films aren't new releases the prices are fantastic. The concession prices are on par with other concession stands, but the food is enjoyable. The theaters are nice to sit in. So overall, for the price, this is great place to come and watch a movie.

Ford Drive-In
10400 Ford Road
Dearborn, MI 48126
(313) 846-6910

Nothing beats sitting in your car watching a movie like our parents did. The Ford Drive-In theater is a family friendly experience. Pack the car with all your movie snacks, drive to the theater, pull out your chairs and blankets, and sit with a group of people who want to enjoy the same experience as you.

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