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Best Local Female Musicians In Detroit

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From jazz-infused vocals to words seeped in hardcore hip-hop, there are extraordinary female musicians in the city. Each exhibits talent in the genre they represent, culminating in an eclectic mix of styles. The Detroit music scene has never been limited to a certain type of music, and these musicians prove it.

Lauren Deming

Lauren Deming is a charismatic singer with a disarming voice. Her music is sometimes hauntingly lovely and often playful, with charming lyrics finding their way around a voice that is sultry and upbeat at the same time. Her voice is a throwback style, like from the ragtime spots of the 20s, yet she brings modernity with a slap of wry humor. Ms. Deming sings bedtime lullabies with the lyrical punch of Amy Winehouse. And she can play the piano, while the backup band plays the guitar, bass, trumpet, saxophone and sometimes an accordion. Although a limited selection of songs from Lauren Demming is available, they are guaranteed to be played on repeat.

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Katie Grace

Katie Grace started out in alternative country bands around town, eventually spreading her wings and flying on her own. Her debut album, "Best Bad Girl," was released last year. Katie Grace writes her own songs and has produced a compelling piece of work. Her music has mainstream appeal and showcases her strong voice, full of restrained emotion. Her music is a mash-up of Joan Jett and Grace Potter, but, comparisons aside, who Ms. Grace truly sounds like is herself. She performs live around town, and has performed on the East Coast.

Monica Blaire

Monica Blaire is a contemporary neo-soul songstress whose sultry and sophisticated voice will give listeners chills. Her unique sound garnered her recognition on the scene, eventually leading to acclaim that expanded beyond the city limits. Her voice has great depth and stunning vocal range. Her album, "Portraits of Me," was released in 2006. This work featured an array of Detroit talent who both produced and lent their vocal talents for the album. Ms. Blair's vocal talent has been showcased on albums for Black Milk, Dwele and Bizarre. Blaire recently shared the stage with Erykah Badu, opening for her at the Masonic Temple. She is currently on the Silent Riot label and will soon release her next album "Back to the Future."


When emcees think of the driving forces of rap in the city, they think of Invincible. Invincible is a rap heavyweight, a musician with hard lyrics that are as thought-provoking as they are biting. Her work can be found on EMERGENCE Media, which she also co-founded. Invincible is heavily involved in activism and works with Detroit Summer, a collective working to introduce young people to leadership, creativity and activity within the local community. Invincible is also one of the co-founders of Detroit Future Youth network, created in part to facilitate media youth projects.

Amy Gore & Her Valentines

Amy Gore is a singer who writes and plays guitar. Her songs are rock anthems, with a slammin' pop bite and a hint of country. Her music features heavy-hitting beats with electrifying riffs. She has released three albums, her latest featuring the Valentines is entitled "In Love." She has performed at all the music venues in the city, and throughout the US, opening for Blondie's Endangered Species tour as "Gorvette," stemming from a collab with Nikki Corvette.

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After receiving a BA in Photography from Savannah College of Art & Design, Nicole Wrona began working with a diverse range of musicians. In addition, she is a freelance writer for numerous publications. Her work can be found at and

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