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Best Halloween Costumes of 2013

Candy, costumes and scary decor are popping up around neighborhoods everywhere. That's right—Halloween is just around the corner! Now is the time to start scouring used clothing stores or Halloween shops to find a one-of-a-kind costume sure to turn heads on the scariest night of the year. Not sure where to start? Find inspiration from your favorite television shows or movies, or go back to basics and break out the witch hat! Still lost? We put together a list of the top Halloween costumes of 2013 that are sure to leave people talking.

Largest selection of Halloween Costumes

Halloween 2013 Walking Dead


You'll need:

  • Face paint
  • Fake blood
  • Ripped clothing

The hit show "The Walking Dead" is coming back this fall, just in time to show off your best impression as a "Walker." Paint your face a greenish-gray, layer on some blood, and stagger around like you're ready to sink your teeth into your next victim. Or, go all out by having your friends dress up as zombies, too. You can also take pretty much any character you like and "zombify" it. You know that bridesmaids dress the bride assured you'd "be able to wear again?" Cover it in some fake, washable blood and bam!—you're a zombie bridesmaid. A fan of the King of Rock n Roll? Try Zombie Elvis out for size. You name it, it can be "zombified." The apocalypse has begun!

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Halloween 2013 Walter White

Walter White

You'll need:

  • A fake mustache (or grow your own!)
  • Round, metal framed glasses
  • A lab coat

With "Breaking Bad" coming to an end, the popular TV show's main character is sure to make many appearances at Halloween parties this year. Find yourself a yellow lab coat of some kind and a pair of metal framed glasses to instantly transform yourself into Walter White. Bonus points for whoever goes all-out this halloween and shaves his head to really get into character.

Halloween 2013 Don & Joan

Don Draper & Joan (Harris) Holloway

You'll need:

  • A suit and tie
  • Red wig
  • Red dress

Arguably the most recognizable characters on the hit show "Mad Men," this costume is perfect for couples looking to capture the essence of the 60s this Halloween. Ladies dressing up as Joan can don a fake wig or use non-permanent hair dye to achieve her signature 60s red-headed 'do. Pair it with a cap sleeve red dress and a long necklace and throw on some red lipstick for a uniquely dapper look. Don Drapers simply need a crisp white dress shirt, a suit (grab one at the thrift store if you don't want to party in your favorite suit) and a nice tie. Be sure to add a crisp white handkerchief to the suit jacket pocket and include that sleek side part in your hair. If you want some extra laughs, switch roles and have the lady dress as Don and the guy wear Joan's dress.

Halloween 2013 Flapper

Flapper Girl

You'll need:

  • A feather hair piece
  • A sparkly short dress
  • Pair of heels

The "Great Gatsby" has made waves throughout Hollywood as a must-see movie this year. Take a trip back to the 1920s this Halloween by channeling your inner flapper girl, a key aspect of the film. This get-up could easily be turned into a couple's costume simply by having your significant other dress up in a tuxedo and top hat. Voila! It's time to show off your best dance moves.

Halloween 2013 Minion


You'll need:

  • Yellow face paint
  • Jean overalls
  • A made up language

Babies, kids and adults alike can show off their love for the "Despicable Me" minions by adorning yellow face paint and a pair of blue jean overalls. Many Halloween costume shops sell full-body minion costumes, if you feel like really getting into character. Be sure to talk in gibberish all night, or even come up with your language to interact with your kids and other family members. The funniest part about minions is that no one can understand them!

Halloween 2013 Uncle Si

Uncle Si

You'll need:

  • Round glasses
  • A gray beard
  • A camouflage hat
  • Camouflage or flannel shirt

Duck Dynasty fans-- this one is for you! Dress up as Uncle Si this Halloween in honor of the television show that has brought fame to the Bayou. Buy some black-out for your teeth, grab a Louisiana accent and get ready to hoot and holler all night long. Is your whole family "Duck Dynasty" fans? Get together with either family or friends and dress up as the entire Robinson family.

If you're stuck on what to dress up as for Halloween this year, pick from our list of top costumes for ideas that are sure to be popular. Most of the costumes are extremely easy to make and easily recognizable, making them a sure-fire way to enjoy the spooky holiday.

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