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Best Garden Centers In Detroit

Gardening and landscaping are rewarding activities that offer a full roster of benefits. Consider the health benefits of working outdoors: fresh air, sunshine, exercise and stress-relief. Put in enough effort, and you'll be the envy of the neighborhood. Plus, after the hard work is done, you can gaze upon your vibrant flower beds or enjoy the fruit of your labor by making dinner with the bevy of produce grown in your very own vegetable garden. The garden centers below all carry the materials and supplies necessary to create a yard you can be proud of.
Detroit Farm And Garden
1759 21 St.
Detroit, MI 48216
(313) 655-2344

The Urban Gardening Center in Southwest Detroit is an awesome place to find landscaping and garden supplies. Browse for a variety of seeds, slate and fertilizers. This spot has compost, gravel, mulch and topsoil in bags or by the truckload. Whether working on your own garden plot or in a community garden, Detroit Farm and Garden has got you covered. The staff is always willing to offer advice and answer questions or concerns you may have. There's even special classes offered to the public to help attendees brush up on gardening skills. Around the holidays, drop in for seasonal offerings like firewood, Christmas trees and pumpkins. Check the shop's Facebook page for updates about special festivities where guests are invited to partake in fun and games, including pumpkin bowling and a tomato toss.

Eastern Market Garden Center
Shed 1
2801 Russell St.
Detroit, MI 48207
(248) 459-2992

The Eastern Market garden center's "Saturday Market" has a wide variety of plants, flowers and shrubs for your gardening needs. Meet the growers from various local farms and greenhouses. This open air market offers visitors a chance to mingle with other attendees in a lively environment. Check out the selection of potted herbs, fruit trees, bulbs and seedlings at one of oldest and largest markets in Detroit.

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Allemon's Landscape Center
17727 Mack Ave.
Detroit, MI 48224
(313) 882-9085

Allemon's Landscape Center is the go-to place for all your gardening needs. The expansive layout has enough room to display a huge selection of flowers and plants, soil, gardening tools, planters and anything to get the yard or garden in shape. Blooms are available in a wide variety of colors and types. Check out the starter vegetable plants to fill a garden plot. The extensive selection is awesome, and the greatest customer service imaginable will keep you coming back again and again. The staff can expertly answer any question, help you choose what will flourish best under certain conditions and tell you how to care for your new plants and acclimate them into their new home in the dirt.

Green Thumb Garden Center
22963 Woodward Ave.
Ferndale, MI 48220
(248) 439-1851

Green Thumb Garden Center focuses on organic gardening and outdoor specialty supplies. This Ferndale staple has a wide selection of items to get your garden in tip-top condition. Start by gathering the tools needed to transform your garden or yard, move on to the massive packages of seeds, then grab some compost or potting soil. Don't forget the fertilizer and compost to keep that garden growing like Jack's beanstalk.

English Gardens
4901 Coolidge Highway
Royal Oak, MI 48073
(248) 280-9500

English Gardens carries a large selection of outdoor furniture, accessories, plants and gardening supplies. Pretty much anything needed to make your yard the talk of the neighborhood can be found at English Gardens. This well-appointed garden and landscape center is extremely organized and carries everything from common flowers and plants to more unusual varieties to add some visual interest to your yard or garden area. The shop features a year-round greenhouse setting which provides optimal conditions for plants on a continuous basis.

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