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Best Bars To Spend Your Tax Return/Celebrate End Of Tax Day In Detroit

It's tax season. Or the remnants of it, because you've got your check in hand. Yeah direct deposit!  So you scored a big chunk of change back from the government. You deserve it, it was yours anyway. Now that you've amassed a small fortune, it's yours to squander. Drinks are on you, right?
Gold Cash Gold
2100 Michigan Ave.
Detroit, MI 48216
(313) 242-0770

Remember when Gold Cash Gold was a pawnshop? Now instead of trading your grandpa's watch for some quick cash, you can spend your tax return there. Because what better place should you plunk down your return than at a former pawnshop. The renovated eatery combines southern and french techniques to create a memorable experience in dining. Known for its farm-to-table approach toward the menu, the bar uses the same approach for its drinks. There's handcrafted cocktails, a selection of craft brews and an offering of wine. The drinks are thoughtfully executed, and you'll feel special as the bartenders mix up one of these beauties in a glass.

Fowling Warehouse
3901 Christopher St.
Detroit, MI 48211
(313) 264-1288

How about having a little fun with that tax return and still save a huge chunk of change. The Fowling Warehouse is the place to be for cheap drinks and tons of action in particular fowling, a newfangled sport born and raised in Detroit. The sport is a nice mix of football and bowling. The object of the game is to throw a football across the way, barreling towards pins that are waiting patiently to be knocked out. Patiently because it's harder than you think to knock those babies down. Drinking is recommended, especially because the reasonable price of a brew and it seemingly makes it easier to play.

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Detroit City Distillery
2462 Riopelle St.
Detroit, MI 48207
(313) 338-3760

Detroit City Distillery was started by a group of friends who have been close since they were kids. Now the kids are all grown up, and together they make small batches of alcohol using local ingredients at their Eastern Market digs. This spot is refined and chill, just like the drinks  found on the menu.The distillery is connected to a watering hole where vodka, bourbon and gin is served. You'll find a ton of drinks worth their weight in gold.

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Green Dot Stables
2200 West Lafayette Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48216
(313) 962-5588

Green Dot Stables will allow a good rate of return on your investment. Stake your claim, plunk down your cash, and get started. If you're looking for cheap drinks, mixed right, served with a smile, then this is the place.Your friends will love this chill spot that's so buzzy, it's always packed (for good reason). If hunger strikes, they've got you covered on that angle, too. On the menu you'll find sliders any foodie would revel in. Definitely try the "Mystery Meat" if you are feeling adventurous. sometimes its alligator, other times it's the unmentionables of a buffalo- but whatever it is, it's good. There's also regular offerings like a cheeseburger slider or PB&J with a twist- and fries. Always go for the fries.

Cornerstone Barrel House
1456 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI
(313) 338-3400

Spend a sack of coins on something that's also shiny and new- the Cornerstone Barrel House. Throw back some of the hardcore stuff at this freshly-minted lounge. This place specializes in whiskey. Yep, all kinds of whiskey, resulting in a menu that reads like a library of libations. The renovated space offers patrons a moody atmosphere that gives way to a sporty vibe, when the flat screens are on. On evenings, the place is sufficiently filled- plus, there's more downstairs. An "underground cocktail lounge," The Whiskey Disco, awaits. Located in the basement of the establishment, this cavernous club is where the DJs spin until all hours, Thursdays through Saturdays.

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