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Behind The Mic: 'It's So Much Luck,' Says The Man With 'Quirky' Voice

DETROIT  (WWJ) - Eric Gutman says he proof you can do something with a musical-theatre degree - he was in a play in New York when a friend convinced him to try out for an animated series and he got the job.

"I was doing all these stupid, silly voices all over the backstage," he tells WWJ's Sandra McNeill.

The first role for Gutman was as an animated beaver.

"It was the hardest thing I've ever done - it was just me trying to pitch my voice as high as possible and it just grated on my vocal cords," he said.

Other voice work soon followed. Gutman is now the voice behind the DTE Energy and Cash.

"It's so much luck maybe you hit something they were looking for, I guess they wanted more of a youthful, kind of quirky voice, it's kinda my thing. You go audition after audition and nothing happens and then all of the sudden, when it rains it pours, and all of the sudden you have three, four, five jobs lined up."

For his role as Cash - Gutman says,"I think I'm like one of those guys in like a big foam costume, on like ... the streets, waving with those big fake cartoon hands - that's kind of what I feel Cash would be like."

Gutman also sells event tickets buts says the voice over work allows him to work part of the time in his own studio at home.

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