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Beaumont Doctor Prepares To Receive Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

(CBS-Detroit)- The first US doses of the Conoravirus vaccine rolled out of the Pfizer plant in Portage, Michigan on Sunday. 48 Michigan hospitals will receive the vaccines including Beaumont, where its estimated they will get around 1,000 doses initially. Dr. Jonathan Lovy an Internal Medicine doctor at Beaumont Trenton Hospital, is excited to be apart of this historic moment.

"Now that we have something that show people incredible promise to get people out there, it's an honor to sort of blaze the trails."

Doctor Lovy has been working directly with COVID patients for the past 7 months, and will be one of the first healthcare workers in the state to receive the vaccine, sometime this week.

"It's going to be about an hour and a half long process, we come in we get a full exam go through questioning, make sure that we're ok to get the vaccine, and then they're sit with us maybe about a good half hour to hour to make sure everything is ok."

Doctor Lovy expecting things to go well, although some still have their doubts about the vaccine. Like Toy Banks.

"I'm not interested in being someone's guinea pig, I don't trust it."

The vaccine was a hot topic at Always Hair 4 You beauty salon in Lathrup Village Monday.

Customer Toy Banks says, she feels the vaccine was created too fast.

"They developed this vaccine in less than a years."

Doctor Lovy contributes the fast timing of the vaccine to modern technology

"No corners were cut and this has to do with the great deal of innovation that we're seeing with new technology."

Dr. Lovy is expected to receive the vaccine between Tuesday and Friday of this week.

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