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Auto Designers Show Off Their Wild Side At Ford GT6 Party

Video by Alissa Lincoln

DETROIT (CW50) Ain't no party like an auto designer party? It could be true.

Ford GT6 designer Camilo Pardo hosted a party at the Detroit Auto Show, where he chatted up his "Satin 7" redesign of the GT6.

Real Detroit jazz played in the background and artwork was center stage as the engineers took a break from their usual hard work to loosen up a bit.

"You can feel the energy," Pardo said.

Music featured in the video is Fawn, "Break it off Tonight (ZSHIPPS REMIX)."

Alissa is a graphic designer for CBS 62 / CW50 in Detroit. She has 12 years of experience in the broadcast design industry, and has won several Michigan Emmy Awards. Her most recent Emmy win was for excellence in graphic design for CBS 62 in 2011. She enjoys making awesome soups, reading historical fiction, and going to local Detroit music shows.

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