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Auburn RB Coach Confident Jim Harbaugh Won't Get A Player From Auburn Or Alabama

By: Evan Jankens


Over the past few months, Jim Harbaugh has been in the news, not because of his zany tweets or over-the-top antics, but because of a serious issue in college football. Harbaugh was traveling  the country holding satellite camps in the backyard of SEC schools, among others.

That practice was originally banned, then the NCAA reversed their decision and allowed coaches to travel wherever it might be to hold these camps.

One coach isn't afraid of Harbaugh hanging around in his backyard though.

Auburn's RB coach Tim Horton doesn't feel threatened at all according to the

"I may get myself in trouble for this: For people that want to come to Alabama and have a camp, I think it's great, because they're helping the quality of football in the state of Alabama," Horton said. "(But) no one is coming to this state and getting a player from Auburn or Alabama. That's not going to happen. So hey, I'm for, if they want to come to our state and have it, that's going to help the quality of high school football."

Harbaugh has camps already setup in SEC country.  Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, Florida, Texas and Georgia are all states that he has planned camps this summer.

Whether you like it or not, Jim Harbaugh has changed the way kids are recruited and it's for the better in my opinion.

Times have changed for college football players. When I graduated from high school in 2001, I never heard of a satellite camp. Now, these camps are the thing to go to if you are trying to play college football.

In 2016, you can basically land yourself a scholarship if you put together a good highlight video on YouTube. Other kids have found these satellite camps as the resource to land at a smaller school.

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