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Attorney For Family Of Tamara Greene Speaks Out

DETROIT (WWJ) - Norman Yatooma the attorney for slain stripper Tamara Greene speaks out after Monday's evidentiary hearing. Yatooma says it makes no sense that Kilpatrick's e-mails dating only back to 2006 would be available in the case, when, he says, the former mayor had the computer dating back to the time that the alleged crime took place.

WWJ's Mike Campbell spoke with Yatooma from the courthouse steps.

"There is no reason to believe why those emails would not be available dating back to 2002," says Yatooma. "What I make of this is what I make of most of what I hear from Mr. Kilpatrick, it's nonsense, it's lies."

Some courtroom legal analysts say that Yatooma had a bad day, that's not the impression from the attorney.

"What we learned today is that the mayor had at least some emails remaining in his inbox, depending on which of his answers you want to settle on, you don't know if it was many or most, but you know that he had emails that remained," Yatooma says.

"What we are trying to demonstrate....that the (emails) are gone not by accident but by intent.... but we will never know, if they are gone, so all we can ask the court to do is to infer, what they would have said."

Yatooma is also asking the court to allow his own IT people versus those from the  city to try and recover those emails.

The evidentiary hearing resumes March 9 in Federal Court.

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