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Ask A Detroit Fashionista: Hottest Fall 2015 Fashion Trends

To say that Rachel Lutz knows style would be like saying Donatella Versace makes nice dresses. Lutz created and manages an exclusive vintage clothing boutique in downtown Detroit. This hip, funky fashion store redefines fashion. It's patronized by a diverse array of shoppers. They come once and leave hooked, as per the thousands of Facebook fans. Lutz is happy to talk clothing and styles and had some pearls of wisdom on upcoming 2015 fall fashion trends.
Rachel Lutz 
The Peacock Room
15 E. Kirby
Detroit, MI
) 559-5500

Fashionista Rachel Lutz has crafted her style sense from years of experience with garments, accessories and jewelry. And she doesn't just know modern styles. Lutz's Peacock Room specializes in vintage and vintage-inspired clothing and accouterments. She's skilled at matching clothing for people, not making people fit the styles. Her philosophy is somewhat avant-garde when it comes to chasing fashion trends as you'll see in her 2015 fall trends tips.

Don't (Chase Trends)

Rachel explains clothing that is hot in fall 2015 may be cold in a few months, even weeks. Styles change rapidly. The fashionista who outfits her September wardrobe with super "now" pieces may find herself with a closet full of last season duds by November. She advises choosing clothes with a longer shelf life. Further, if you're wearing hot trends, remember, so is everyone else. And who wants to look like everyone else, when they can create their own signature look? What would those evergreen styles be?

Think Classics 

There's a reason vintage styles like Lutz sells at the Peacock Room are so popular (and they are, with all ages from tween to senior). Classic garments have stood the test of time. Older clothing is better-made and more durable. Styles don't really change, they recycle and reprise every decade or so. What retro pieces are flying off Lutz's shelves? Blazers and cardigans — for fall choose sturdy corduroy, velvet, cashmere and tweed separates.


Whether you're dressing for the office, classroom or traveling job, you'll want to layer. This is Michigan, where it may be bitter cold outside, and overly heated inside. A good blazer wears well outdoors and can be shed. Paired with a lightweight sweater set underneath (cardigan and shell or blouse), you can go from a brisk walk, to work, to dinner and a show afterwards, all with one outfit. High school students, consider a classic Oxford blazer, with sweater and T-shirt over a plaid skirt and leggings and Mary Janes. Transition from bus, to school to extra-curricular, to after-school job in academic style!

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Fall 2015 fashions include an eye and feel to textures: wool, denim, cashmere, velvet, cotton. Don't be afraid to mix and match, Lutz says. And that means with patterns, too. With a little judicious juxtaposition, jacquard, paisley, check, plaid can complement each other. When in doubt, ask the salesperson and even fellow shoppers for input. Don't forget the special effects: hats, scarves, jewelry, gloves and accessories.

Funky Sweater Sets

Lutz says shoppers of all ages flock to her looking for the vintage sweater sets. These feature retro sweaters with embroidered patterns. She says teens can't get enough of them. They also want sweaters with unique buttons. These pieces can be coordinated with other unique pieces or with wardrobe basics: plain white blouses, solid turtlenecks, even dressy T-shirts. Sweaters marry well with jeans, khakis, dress pants and skirts.

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