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Apple Reports Small Number Of 'Bendgate' iPhones, Brands Mock Flaw

By Edward Cardenas

SOUTHFIELD (CBS Detroit) - The "Bendgate" controversy that erupted on social media earlier this week when some iPhone 6 owners reported their new devices bent in their pockets, reportedly only affected a few individuals.

A report by CNET quoted a statement released by Apple which stated that only nine customers have lodged official complaints with the company regarding the bent phone issues.

The report added that the new iPhones, which have outer cases made of aluminum, had undergone stress tests and the materials used were selected for their "strength and durability."

For those whose phones are affected, ZDNet reports that Apple will be replacing faulty iPhones.

As Apple is dealing with this issue, various brands have taken to social media and mock the situation at the expense of the tech giant.

Samsung highlighted that the Galaxy Note is "Curved. Not bent."



Chip maker Pringles acknowledged that "Bends rule!"


KitKat said there is no give in their candy. "We don't bend, we #break."


Heineken used a bent bottle top to commiserate with Apple, by stating "NO WORRIES...IT HAPPENS TO US ALL THE TIME.'

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