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App of the Week: Face Recognition Login App From Sensible Vision

COVERT -- Sensible Vision is a West Michigan-based company that has developed facial recognition software to replace passwords for computers.

Now, it has launched the smartphone version.

FastAccess Anywhere Face Recognition apps are now available for Android, iPhone and iPad. The apps work seamlessly with FastAccess Anywhere for Windows and give users the freedom to easily and securely use all their important Web sites at home, in the office, or on the go.

FastAccess Anywhere logs users into Web sites by recognizing their face. And on Android devices, FastAccess Anywhere can even log users into apps. It takes passwords out of the equation.

"Until now, it's been a hassle to use banking, shopping, and other secure sites on phones or tablets," said George Brostoff, CEO of Sensible Vision. "Remembering passwords is a challenge, and typing the passwords on small touch screens is cumbersome and prone to mistakes. FastAccess Anywhere removes those hurdles. Logging in becomes simple and natural, and you get the most from your devices."

On all platforms, password-protected Web sites are easily and safely accessible on the go. A user begins by launching a protected site on the device. The person's face is quickly recognized, and he or she touches a Secret Shape -- a second factor designed to eliminate photo or video attacks. On Android devices, the capability of FastAccess Anywhere extends to individual apps as well. Protect sensitive apps so only you can use them, but allow your family easy access to games and other apps.

In addition, FastAccess Anywhere's secure and encrypted cloud server makes it easy to change a password on one device and have all of the others updated automatically. Passwords in the FastAccess Cloud work with any FastAccess Anywhere-enabled device, including Android, Windows, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

"Many of us own several devices and operate across multiple platforms -- it's not unusual to see an iPad, a Windows PC, and an Android phone in one household," said Darin Beery, director of sales and marketing at Sensible Vision. "Our goal is to make using these devices easier and more fun while giving you greater protection in the case of unauthorized use or even theft."

Unlike other face recognition, FastAccess Anywhere's security is better than most passwords, without the need to actually type a password on a small touch screen. Users are free to use their mobile phone or tablet for nearly every transaction imaginable.

More than seven million people now use FastAccess products.

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