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Ann Arbor Beer & Wine Distributor Helps Nonprofits Fight Hunger

Ann Arbor - A local beer and wine distributor in Ann Arbor is helping with the war on hunger amidst COVID-19. Rave Associates out of Ann Arbor, a beer and wine distributor who carries many Michigan brews has made multiple donations to area nonprofits to help end hunger.

Donations were made to Food Gatherers of Ann Arbor, A2 Helps, and Loaves and Fishes of Southwest Detroit. In a press release, Jim Warbritton president of Rave Associates said: "Food banks have seen increased demand over the last several weeks and health care workers are covering longer shifts under stressful conditions, and we want to do everything possible to help them during this time of need." He added, "Rave Associates is committed to lending a helping hand to our community, especially to those who don't know where their next meal will come from during this difficult time." With Coronavirus hitting the food supply chain, and many out of work, food insecurity is high right now. Especially with Michigan being one of the leading states being hit hard by the Coronavirus.

Loaves and Fishes of Southwest Detroit is a faith-based collaborative started in 2005 to end hunger to the people of Southwest Detroit. Saying on their website, that they help fund food purchases to five food pantries and several soup kitchens. As well as aiding in the storage and delivery of food to those charitable organizations.

Loaves and Fishes is currently facing a $14,000 budget shortfall due to COVID-19, stopping their fundraising activities. They are currently helping outdoor mobile food pantries at Our Lady of Guadalupe and Ste. Anne de Detroit.

A2 Helps receives donations from donors, to purchase gift cards to local restaurants and stores. Which are distributed to frontline healthcare workers in partnership with St. Joe's Hospital and Michigan Medicine. Food Gatherers provides hot meals, snacks, and groceries to low-income adults, seniors, and children in Washtenaw County.

Rave Associates has over 100 employees and serves a wide range of businesses across Southeast Michigan with wine and beer.

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