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Ancestry Test Bombshells: Can This Medium Get Answers From The Dead?

Roughly 26 million people have swabbed and sent their DNA to find out about their ancestors and lineage.  For most, the results verify what they already know.  For others, it can uncover a past of secrets, betrayal, and lies.

Today, Dr. Oz speaks to two women whose ancestry test results called into question everything they thought they knew about themselves and their families.  They're searching for answers from people who have passed.  Can medium Anna Raimondi contact those on the other side and bring closure and healing?

Plus, stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan and his wife open up about the health scare that changed their lives. And, can wearing headphones constantly with music blasting, destroy your hearing?  One woman says her earbud-loving friend needs to stop and brings her to Health Court for Dr. Oz to decide.

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