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Amtrak Train Crashes Into Fallen Tree On Way To Chicago From Detroit

(WWJ) -- Severe storms that crossed Michigan on Friday evening caused some scary moments for travelers on an Amtrak train from Detroit to Chicago when the train hit a large tree that fell across the track.

Christopher Mayberry of Detroit was on that train and described what happened as they were traveling just west of Ann Arbor.

"The train shuttered -- it felt like it jumped the track a little bit," Mayberry said. "It was jarring and everyone felt it in their seats and wondered what was going on. Then we came to a complete stop and as one of the attendants passed by I heard on the radio someone say that we hit a tree."

Mayberry described the moment as a "powerful jolt" when passengers felt when the train hit the tree.

"They said that the engine was damaged, that we couldn't continue and that they had to send out a repair crew to repair and get us going," Mayberry said.

Passengers had to wait for the mechanic to make repairs. There were no reports of serious injuries.

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