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Albion Solar Firm Expanding Into South America, Caribbean

ALBION -- Patriot Solar Group this week announced that it is expanding its operations into South America and the Caribbean, sending Off-Grid Solar systems to Venezuela.

The ongoing installation of 23 units will provide power to remote cell towers in the dense jungles of the country.

To accomplish this project, PSG was able to accommodate a very unique construction situation. All elements of the off-grid systems were broken down so they could be transported by pack animals, as much of the terrain was nearly impassable.

Each unit utilized PSG's Post Driven Ground Mount, holding four panels each. The simplicity of PSG's design enabled a "plug and play" function, allowing for a fast and easy setup.

For a complete list of Patriot Solar Group's products visit

Patriot Solar Group also announced the opening of a new office in Fort Myers, Fla. to serve the Latin American and Caribbean markets.

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